Mission Impossible: Fallout

You know what’s impossible? Being the sixth film in a franchise and still maintaining the momentum and quality that’s brought the series this far. You know who can do the impossible? Tom Cruise.

Does it even matter what trouble Ethan Hunt has gotten himself into? The fun is in watching him try and get out of it. I will say, this is more of a direct sequel to Rogue Nation than the stand alone style that this series has previously held. It’s also our first repeat director (Christopher Mcquarrie) so that’s prolly got something to do with it.

The reason to watch one of these films is the stunts. What makes the M:I movies stand out in this space is that we’ve got practical stunts AND Tom does the work himself (I gripped my pillow–I was at a fancy theater with blankets and pillows–so tightly when we got to the stunt where he broke his ankle). As a result, it looks and feels more real than any of those other action flicks out there. These sequences are well crafted, showing that our filmmakers are thoughtful and also highlighting the intelligence of our hero. Sure, Ethan is winging it sometimes, but the ones that he’s planned out are brilliant.

I really don’t know that there’s much else to say on this. Again, you watch these for the action, and the action is as good as it gets.

Mission Impossible: Fallout – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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