The Equalizer 2

Sometimes I watch movies out of a misplaced sense of obligation. I just feel like I have to watch a particular movie, even if I’m not excited about it. I’ve been getting better about letting those go, but when I’m staring at too much of the weekend stuck at home (don’t get me wrong, I do need a lot of couch time to recharge) it’s tougher to skip the movie outing. I love me some Denzel and genre wise this should be my kinda thing, but I didn’t care for the slog of the first movie and the buzz wasn’t good. I got to the theater really not wanting to be there. Aaaaand then I proceeded to fall asleep for the first hour of the film.

So I can’t entirely tell you what this was about, only that it had to do with Denzel going after some bad guys cause they were bad or something. There was a teen he took under his wing, which gave him a few scenes to show off his acting skillz. But it was mostly him going after bad guys.

Even though I slept thru the entire set up, I was still able to pick up on what was happening. Turns out, not a whole lot. Chatting with some Stardust friends, it sounds like that set up was a drag to get thru anyways. My nap allowed me to cut right to the payoff, and it wasn’t that great of a payoff. Some slow burn suspense, but nothing extraordinary and all entirely predictable.

It’s prolly unfair to rate this film, but what the heck, it’s my block and I’ll do what I want.

The Equalizer 2 – \m/ \n

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