Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

I’ve never seen the tv show, so I was intrigued that the film would give me a chance to check this out. Then the trailer dropped, and I was completely unimpressed. The humor was just too juvenile for me (understandable since this is aimed directly at the younglings). So I was ready to pass. Then the buzz started pouring in, and people were raving about how hilarious it was. Specifically they were saying how meta and self aware it is, and how much it makes fun of superhero movies–DC in particular. Now you’ve got my attention.

Robin and his gang of titan teens seem to always be on the outside of the superhero world. What they really want more than anything is their own movie (all the other supes have them), but first they need to be taken seriously. And in order to be taken seriously, they hafta find a nemesis.

Now there were some brilliant moments of satire in this film. However, that wasn’t enough for me. It turns out my initial instincts were right. The rest of the film ended up being really ADHD kids stuff, and I wanted to claw my eyes out (didn’t help that my limbs were super sore, presumably from yoga, so I really wanted to run outta there). And I get that that’s what this series is, and it’s just not meant for me, and that’s cool.

I was actually sitting behind this little kid with his dad. The kid was eating up every second of the film. He was cheering and laughing and clapping and having the time of his life. I found him far more entertaining than the film itself. As heartwarming as that scene was, I personally related more to the mom who walked in late. She was guiding her daughter forward with one hand and holding a giant glass of white wine in the other. I know how you feel wine mom. You had the right idea.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies – \m/ \m/

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