Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

My my how can I resist ya? It’s ten years later in real time, lord only knows how much in movie time (I was struggling to figure that out), and we’re back with a sequel to the discotastic musical.

Does the plot of this matter? The writers seemed to think they needed to cram a whole lot of plot in there, and it mostly seemed forced. We had flashbacks to matriarch Donna’s hot and wild summer of ’79, where she met the three fathers of lovely Sophie. Meanwhile in the present(ish) day, Sophie is reopening Donna’s dream hotel a year after her death, and things are going badly.

Yeah, I was right, plot doesn’t matter. A movie like this is about the musical numbers. The better known songs made for better production numbers, especially the ones that had big choreography. The rest, just fell flat.

The performances were good (I saw a review that basically referred to this as celebrity karaoke). Well, most of them were good. I didn’t feel too thrilled about the flashback boys, and didn’t sense any chemistry between them and flashback Donna. She, however, was incredible. I found myself rather captivated by Lilly James, who I’ve previously been rather ambivalent about. Otherwise, the rest of our A list cast brought their A game as expected, but it was just that: expected.

Oh and they didn’t utilize the Greek Chorus the same way as before. They were just generic background dancers, so that was a bummer.

For the most part, yeah it was fun, but I think this can be categorized as yet another unnecessary sequel.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again – \m/ \m/ \m/

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