Sorry to Bother You

The one word I keep on using to describe this film is “visionary”. I don’t know that word had been previously in my usual vocab, but I can think of no better word for this.

How do I even describe this film. On the surface, it’s abouta young black man who takes a job as a telemarketer who finds himself skyrocketing to the top when he starts using his “white voice” to make his calls. The story gets more and more absurd from there.

There’s two choices you need to make when you watch this film. The first, is to recognize that this film isn’t gonna be about entertainment. It’s pure art. The second, suspend all disbelief. Don’t take anything at face value and don’t try to understand the quirks (that also plays into the first choice).

The need to suspend disbelief was obvious to me five minutes in, and my experience was so much better for it. I loved the strange moments that occurred, and was a relief not feeling like I had to overthink those. However, I think the comedic aspects made me still look at this as entertainment at the time, so some of the dragging pace put me off a bit.

Still, as art, I’ll say it again, this film is visionary. Writer/director Boots Riley had a lot that he wanted to say and a very unique way of saying it, and does so effectively. This movie paints a bleak picture and it makes you think. I don’t even know that I can accurately describe it all, it may just need to be experienced, and it should be experienced.

In all honesty, I almost skipped this movie because the trailer didn’t portray this as something I’d like. But it looked like a film I wanted to support. I want unique and diverse filmmakers to have a voice. I want to hear a story from a different perspective. I’m so glad that that I saw this. You should too. Support this movie. Experience something wild.

Sorry To Bother You – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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