Uncle Drew

Just like my Daddy raised me on action movies, he also raised me on basketball (Go Spurs Go!). However, this movie didn’t seem to fit my sense of humor, so I was kinda hesitant. I decided to wait and see what Stardust would say about it. The first few reactions I watched started with some variation of “If you like basketball, you’ll enjoy this movie”. Well okay then. Turns out, okay is just about right

Uncle Drew is basketball star Kyrie Irving under some old age makeup, and he’s a legend of NYC street ball. Because reasons, he’s recruited to play in a street ball tournament with his old teammates (other NBA legends in old age makeup). So think Space Jam if the Monstars were the good guys and were old instead of monsters.

I was right about the humor not being my style. I like seeing Shaq do comedy, even if I never liked him on the court (again, Spurs fan). I loved seeing Lisa Leslie in on this, playing with the big boys. I could sense the passion for the game in every frame of this film. I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lit relied too much on the gimmick and didn’t put much effort in past that. Ida rather watched Space Jam

Uncle Drew – \m/ \m/ \n

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