Into the Woods

This film is the ultimate example of “Meryl’s in a movie! Let’s nominate her for an Oscar”. Yes she’s great, but it’s nowhere near on par with the rest of her nominated performances. True, that still puts her leagues above the rest of the world, but I don’t think this one quite warranted the recognition.

I’ve talked about the movie before. It’s alright. I think my excitement for it waned over time. I’ve seen many stage productions of Into the Woods and while the cast is great, I don’t know that it really does much better than the better stage versions I’ve seen.

And can I throw in a quick confession. Meryl’s not even my favorite in this movie. That would be Chris Pine, the only one here who truly wowed me. Everyone else, while fantastic (minus Johnny Depp), did exactly what I expected of them. Pine had never done anything like this and blew me away. But we’re blogging about Meryl right now, so I’ll stop. For now.

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