August: Osage County

This is one of those movies that as soon as the casting was announced, they prolly started booking all of Meryl’s awards appearances. After the powerhouse play stormed the theater world, it was going after Hollywood with one of the most impressive casts ever assembled. I’m not even gonna list them all here, just go IMDB it.

Honestly, I’d have rather seen Meryl win for this than The Iron Lady. I just love this movie so much more. Intense family drama that makes me grateful for my family. I prefer our faults to theirs. But you can cut the tension in any scene with a knife, it’s that palpable. Putting Meryl toe to toe with Julia Roberts is a long overdue pairing and one I hope to see again someday.

I’ve talked more about the film before so I’ll just leave this at saying that this is another one on Meryl’s nomination list that’s essential viewing.

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