The Incredibles 2

Was someone saying something about super hero fatigue? Because the world’s most super family is back, and it’s been too long. Yet we’re somehow picking up exactly where we left off.

Now that the Incredibles have made themselves known, it’s time to see if the world is ready to reevaluate their currently anti stance on supers. Elastigirl is hired by a PR duo to promote their super cause, leaving Mr Incredible at home to play Mr Mom to the kids. There he finds that baby Jack Jack is starting to exhibit signs of super powers – 17 of them.

The A story, was okay. I found it a bit slow and predictable, not really anything too special. The B story was where it was at. Jack Jack stole every single scene he had (the raccoon fight will go down in history as a classic). If the whole movie had been built around him, I’d have dug it so much more. I also woulda dug it more if Edna had additional screen time because she was criminally under used.

I’ve come to realize that what makes The Incredibles movies work isn’t that they’re good super hero movies, it’s that they’re good family movies. That family just happens to have super powers. This film highlighted that strength even moreso than the first. Also, they make for a really great theme park ride

The Incredibles 2 – \m/ \m/ \m/