Hotel Artemis

Scored an early check in to the Hotel Artemis, including a Q&A with the cast. Plus I got a free tshirt that’s a lil big!

This particular hotel is really a hospital for baddies. Not too far removed from The Continental in the John Wick movies. Questionable characters pay a membership fee to be allowed access. If a room is available, they get to stay and recover while under the care of the Nurse (Jodie Foster) and her Orderly (Dave Bautista). On this particular night of riots in the big city, Sterling K Brown and his brother Bryan Tyree Henry take shelter after a robbery gone bad. They encounter Sofia Boutella and Charlie Day already tucked into their rooms, and are soon joined by big bad boss dude Jeff Goldblum and his angry son Zachary Quinto.

Didja catch all those names I dropped? Oh let’s also throw in Jenny Slate just because. But yeah that list of names is why you see this movie. The one liner premise is cool, but the actual details of the plot are not anything special. We’re not uncovering any new storytelling ground. But that cast? Amazing.
-Great character work from Foster who we haven’t seen on this side of the camera in a while.
-Bautista got to take a bit more spotlight without hiding under extensive Drax makeup.
-Brown is very much the anti-Randall here and was almost my favorite.
-Favorite was Boutella who was mesmorizing and deadly. She wore the attitude required for her characters profession with such grace and style. And her fight sequence towards the end was worth everything.

I feel like I mighta expected a bit more, but for being small and gritty and low budget, it delivered.

Hotel Artemis – \m/ \m/ \m/

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