American Animals

Didja like the atypical storytelling structure of I Tonya? Then pay attention to American Animals.

This is the true story of four college boys in Kentucky who tried to steal some extremely rare and valuable books from the local library. After a lifetime of movies telling them how easy it can be to game the system, they’re confronted with the harsh reality that life doesn’t play out the same way.

So why did I bring up I, Tonya? Because some of the techniques used to tell the story are very similar. You’ve got four actors playing out the scenes as they happen. Woven in is narration from the four real men recounting the events. They often contradict each other, further blurring the lines between fact and fiction. It’s incredibly well put together and very effective.

The story starts out light and funny. There’s some novelty scenes trying to recreate some of the movie magic they’re hoping will come into their lives. But slowly as the film goes on, it gets darker and darker as the weight of their actions starts to weigh in on them. The humor dissipates. The silly sequences and movie magic are all gone.

This was a particularly great showcase for Evan Peters. We’ve seen him get better and better with every passing season of American Horror Story, and this was yet another step up. Really psyched to see where he goes next, and what another “American” title he’ll take on

American Animals – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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