Julie & Julia

Soooo fun fact, this is the movie that inspired me to start ExpeltiveDleted way back in the day. Up til that point, I’d write an occasional movie review in my LiveJournal (remember when that was a thing?), but seeing Julie go on her blogging journey made me think that I should do the same. Except my first project was AFI’s 100 Years 100 Movies. I may not have gone on to the recognition that Julie did, but it’s been a fun (nearly) nine years.

This movie is a lot cheesier than I remember. Despite having been inspired by Julie 9 years ago, I just found her annoying now. But that’s okay because we’re talking about Meryl who was Julia. As in Julia Child.

Oh yeah, so to catch you up, modern day Julie has decided to blog her way thru Julia Child’s classic cookbook. We get parallel stories of Julie’s journey to write thru the cookbook and Julia’s journey to write the cookbook.

The Julia storyline is pure joy, mostly because of Meryl’s performance and her chemistry with onscreen husband Stanley Tucci (building off their screen chemistry in The Devil Wears Prada). It’s only one of many iconic real life figures that Meryl will get awards recognition for, but it’s easily the most fun of the bunch

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