Deadpool 2

A dilemma. How was I supposed to watch Deadpool 2 with Mom in town? I can get her to the movies sometimes, but I had no intention of making this one of those movies. She’d be praying thru the whole blasphemous film. Then a solution came to me, that also solved another problem. We wanted to make sure to have dinner with a friend of mine, so I scheduled it for Deadpool night. We’d do dinner, then put mom in an uber while we went off to the movie. I ran this plan by Mom. “Well, what movie is it? I could go with you guys” “Not this one; it’s all bad language and violence, and–” “Ay no, I’ll go home”

But yes, the Merc wit the Mouth is back!! And I was so excited for his triumphant return, to the point of stopping at every 7-11 I pass, trying to get the full set of Slurpee cups. I think I may have been too excited though, because I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed throughout. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I laughed louder and harder and more often than I ever do at films, yet something still felt like it was missing. I’m hoping that my possible second viewing next week evens the playing field.

There were moments I loved beyond any doubt. First off, so many throwbacks to the first film, many of them small and subtle. I had just rewatched the previous movie a few days before (I put it on when Mom went to church), so it was fresh. But really, I found the best part were the newbies. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople kid was a perfect addition to the film; the way he could play off Ryan and challenge him was right on point.

However, the real scene stealer for me was Domino (Zazie Beetz). I loved every damn thing about her, starting with her power of luck. I’ve found that with a lot of supers, no matter what their power, their fights look very similar. Hers is different. Much like why I love Doctor Strange, her style is more thought out and unexpected. Maybe she’s not doing as much of the thinking like Strange is, but the writers sure had to get those brains working to lay out her sequences, and it’s incredible. Plus mega bonus points for being a strong fierce woman (even more bonus points for diversity casting) who can more than hold her own against one of the largest personalities the silver screen has ever seen.

Ultimately I did really enjoy this movie, I just didn’t leave with the same level of excitement as I went in with. Still excited to see it again tho

Deadpool 2 – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n