Music of the Heart

How did I completely forget about N Sync’s song from this movie?! As it played during the end credits, images of the music video and the boys in a school hallway with Gloria Estefan came flooding back.

But we’re not talking about N Sync, we’re talking about Meryl. Had this film come out a few years earlier, I’d have been all over it. I was raised on inspirational family films of the 90s. Except I was a freshman or soph in high school when this was released, so I was too cool for that (despite the N Sync connection).

This movie is def one of those where Meryl got nominated bc she’s Meryl. No other actress would have gotten this kinda attention. But of course she knocked it outta the park.

I actually rather enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t quite as sugary as I expected. Her character had some bite and some arc to her. We saw her establish her program and then fight to save it years later. That finale was so moving, watching the big performance play out. Teachers looking for a film to watch in class on your hangover days, consider this!

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