Bad Samaritan

Some movies need to be seen in a theater. Others are better suited for Netflix. This was more the latter, but seen in the format of the former.

An artsy Irish kid runs a scam with a friend of his where they valet cars and rush off to rob the car owner’s house while they are enjoying their dinner. Until one day when he robs the wrong dude’s house (the wrong dude played by David Tenant), and he finds a girl chained up in the office. Unable to help her in the moment, he flees the scene and calls the cops on the house. It then becomes a game of cat and mouse between him and the rich psycho a-hole.

The first act of the film was fantastic, exactly the kind of dark and disturbing story that I like and dripping with tension. Simultaneously not the best choice and the absolute best choice for someone with anxiety. But then, it just got really dumb. The FBI storyline was rushed and cheesy, the mindgames our serial dude was playing were just trying too hard to be intense, it just didn’t work. Had I been at home watching on Netflix, this is the point where I woulda started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and zoning out.

I do love seeing Tenant play bad, but this role isn’t nearly as satisfying as his Kilgrave. This dude is not gonna be remembered among the greats like my boys Patrick, Norman, and Dexter.

Bad Samaritan – \m/ \m/ \n