Turns out there’s more than just superhero movies out there. This little indie dared to open in art house theaters against Infinity War. Given some of the themes of this film, it seems fitting.

Rachel Weitz is the daughter of a rabbi in an extremely conservative religious community. She has long left this world to live a secular life in New York. When her father suddenly dies, she returns home where she reconnects with her two childhood best friends. Those two friends have since married, although the wife (Rachel McAdams) harbors a secret from the community: she is a lesbian and once had a relationship with Weitz. While she and her husband get along well, their marriage is mostly platonic. Weitz returning throws everything into chaos.

The first act of the film deals more with Weitz feeling out of place in her former home. The second act focuses more on McAdams desires and inner conflict. The third act drags on a bit too much before resolving things. But those first two acts are incredible, forming what is truly an emotional thriller. The performances from the Rachels are unbelievable, and worth seeing this movie for. It’s a nice choice if you need some counter programming for the summer Blockbuster season that’s revving up.

Disobedience – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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