Avengers: Infinity War

Oh man, everything comes down to this huh? What we’ve been working towards for the past ten years? I was even able to convey the magnitude of this film to my Mom who can maybe name an Avenger. Just one.

Do I even need to explain what this movie is? Is it just enough to know that almost every single person we’ve seen in an MCU movie is banding together to fight big bad Thanos, who’s been previously teased in many an edit credits scene.

I don’t even know what I can articulate about this in a spoiler free blog post (even though by the time this posts, spoilers will be abundant on the interwebs). Condensing it all into one word? Overload. There is so so soooo much that happens, it was impossible to process. It’s fast from one scene into the next into the next, each with massive ramifications for the universe I’ve loved for ten years.

What I loved most was seeing the various Avengers play together. Some personalities clashes, some abilities complimented. Those were the moments I loved, seeing how they interacted, and how it changed up what we’re used to seeing from any one solo player.

Thanos is also one of the rare villains that Marvel gets right. He’s not just some interchangable dude intent on destruction. He has a reason and conviction, and his argument can be pretty damn convincing sometimes (not unlike the qualities that rank Black Panther’s Killmonger among the best.)

And the stakess were so freaking high. It’s one thing to watch a Captain America movie and know that no matter what, Cap is gonna make it out alive because he’s got another Cap movie and a few Avengers movies in the works. It’s another to watch something like this and know that it really could be the end of the line for somebody. I’ve never been more engaged with an act three battle sequence than i was here. They should put Xanax in the popcorn butter (not that I was eating popcorn).

These 19 movies over the past ten years have been some of my most fun theater experiences, but having it all come together like this is unimaginable and so worth it. The previously named Infinity War Part 2 can’t come here soon enough

Avengers: Infinity War – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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