A Quiet Place

Wow. This movie was an experience. The premise is simple. There’s big creatures that will hunt you if you make noise. So STFU and you’ll survive.

I’ve said before that for me, the best horror movies are about something other than the scares. At its heart, this film is about family. How far would you go to protect them? Take the creatures away, and you’ve got a compelling familial story, anchored by real life spouses Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (who also directed). They are what make the movie work.

And then it’s scary as #*$^ on top of that. Silence can be such an effective tool. I’ve heard stories of people walking out of the theater and freaking out at the first noise they hear. I for one had to stifle a couple of sneezes during the movie. But the thrills are so much more intense because you’re so completely invested in the characters. This is horror well done!

Another point, I love that the deaf daughter is played by a deaf actress. Apparently this point was non-negotiable, and I love that. Watching this made me wanna get back into my ASL classes. I was even inspired to do my Stardust reaction in sign language. I had to look up almost every word and I likely got some of it wrong, but I tried.

This is easily making my top ten of the year, and I’m so excited to see how well it’s doing.

A Quiet Place – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/