Sherlock Gnomes

I was strangely excited to see this. Gnomeo and Juliet had been surprisingly enjoyable–well thought out and clever with a great soundtrack. I expected more of the same, including the lovely music from Elton John. My God was there a huge drop off in quality

Our previously feuding gnome clans have now combined families and moved into a new garden. Soon after they begin to settle in to their new home, the gnomes are kidnapped. It’s up to Gnomeo and Juliet and their new friends Sherlock Gnomes and Watson to find the missing miniatures. Sounds a little thin, but not too bad, yeah? If only they put some effort in.

The whole thing just felt so dang lazy. We started strong with great jokes and that kicking soundtrack, but as the film dragged on, the quality continued to drop. There was nothing to distinguish it from the generic kids fare that otherwise fills the theater. It even seemed as though they forgot about Elton partway thru because I don’t remember any of his songs in the later half.

The whole thing was just predictable and dumb and boring, in no way worthy of its predecessor or its music.

Sherlock Gnomes – \m/ \n

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