Tomb Raider

We’re slowly starting to get more movies about bad ass ladies. One day, one of them will be really good. Today is not quite that day, but we’re closer.

Oscar winner Alicia Vikander takes up the aqua tank top to play the newest incarnate of video game legend Lara Croft. Plot doesn’t even matter at this point. It certainly didn’t seem to matter to the filmmakers.

Vikander was perfectly cast. I loved her, and she brought some real grit and heft to the role. I want to see more of this from her, I just want her to have better material to work with.

The whole thing was pure action, which sometimes is enough, but this time, I felt like it needed more. The sequences were suspenseful, looked amazing, and involved lots and lots of inhuman jumping abilities. I particularly enjoyed an early bike chase sequence and a mid-movie sequence involving a plane and a waterfall.

Overall, the movie was fine if you just want some mindless popcorn fun. For me, tho, when it comes to such an iconic character, I want better for her than lazy story telling

Tomb Raider – \m/ \m/ \n