Streaming is starting to become a real destination for films. Hopefully soon, studios will start to see this as a viable distribution option because there are some films that just don’t have a lot to offer on the big screen. Thank God we’ve at least got MoviePass.

Let’s see if I can rundown this crazy plot. David Oyellowo is middle management at a pharmaceutical company. His bosses Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron are working to create a marijuana pill, and send Oyellowo down to Mexico to oversee production. After a string bad luck causes him to realize that he doesn’t have much going for him anymore, he tries to fake his kidnapping in order to receive ransom money. Except it turns out, his company doesn’t really care about him enough to pay out. Oh and Amanda Seyfried has a storyline that doesn’t really seem to fit in with anything.

Here’s the thing, all the pieces are there. Fantastic cast (you saw those names), I did really like the premise, and cleverly written jokes. About those jokes though, here’s what baffles me. I’d hear them and think “yeah that’s a funny joke” but I wasn’t actually laughing. Something just went wrong, and I don’t know if I have ever experienced that before. I think the tone of the film was very offputting, and some of the characters were too unlikable. I just couldn’t get into it.

This might find an audience on Netflix one day, but it’s not a worthy movie going experience.

Gringo – \m/ \n

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