Red Sparrow

On Colbert the other day, Jennifer Lawrence said that all the haters with blogs were uninvited from seeing the movie. I just want to clarify this with the interwebs. I went into this film with the best of intentions. I adore J-Law and this looked like a fun spy thriller, somewhere between Jason Bourne as a ballerina and Black Swan as a spy. I really really wanted this to work. It’s not my fault the movie turned into such a mess.

Okay so J-Law is a ballerina whose career-ending injury drives her in desperation to join an elite group of Russian operatives. She undergoes intense training, mostly around sexual manipulation, before going on missions. When the ballet sequence went on to long (and I say this as a lover of ballet) I should have known something was off.

The film as a whole was way too long and dragged out. Individual scenes went on too long and there were plenty of sequences could have been cut or at least shortened. Despite having all this excess time, I still have no idea what was going on. I honestly have no idea what they were trying to do.

Jen was great, carrying on the role (and accent) with elegance and grace and strength. I just wish she woulda had a better film to showcase it

Red Sparrow – \m/ \n

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