Death Wish

I was excited for this one. I know it looked like crap, a remake of a classic (that admittedly, I’ve never seen) that no one asked for starring a once bankable star who has become less reliable, helmed by a director with a questionable reputation. Oh right, that’s why I’m excited. That director is Eli Roth. This marks the first time he strays from horror and the first time he isn’t working with original material. I was really stoked to see what he’d do with it.

Let’s back up. Bruce Willis is a family man who seemingly has it all. Until some baddies break into his house, kill his wife, and leave his daughter in a coma. When it looks like the cops aren’t gonna be able to do anything to help, he takes matters into his own hands, roaming the city of Chicago as a vigilante seeking justice.

Again, it’s not an Eli Roth original, so it didn’t entirely feel like one of his films–unless you knew what to look for. There was some gore (not up to his usual levels) and a jarring soundtrack and an overall subversive vibe to it. I could practically hear him laughing maniacally during some scenes.

This is a movie I would have loved to watch with my Daddy. He loved gritty shoot ’em ups, and I often feel like he’s with me when I see them. Then add in Eli Roth, whom I love, and you’ve created a combo that works for both of us. Lord knows the movie had so many flaws, but I was digging it.

Bruce actually did pretty well here. He’s kinda phoned it in a few times lately, but he seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. I could also see his character’s arc play out clearly in his mannerisms and expressions. Felt like Bruce was getting his groove back.

Look, haters gonna hate, and I totally get why. For me, this film was a jolt of adrenaline and I very much enjoyed myself. But if you’re not the type that’s into ultraviolent films, this ain’t the one to draw you to the dark side. I’m just there already

Death Wish – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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