Once again, stealing from myself and reusing the opening I did for my Stardust reaction. Even though I’m a Christian, I avoid faith based movies like the plagues of Egypt. There are two main reasons for that. One is that they’re usually such poor quality (acting, screenplay, everything, ugh). Two, I don’t wanna be preached at or hit over the head with a message, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. That’s not why I go to the movies. The sad reality of this genre is that studio moguls have realized that if you make a movie with a message, there’s an audience that will pay for it, regardless of the effort (or lack thereof) put into it.

So why did I go see Samson? Because this was my favorite Bible story as a kid. I even had a dog I named Samson (aww, he was a good puppy). This is a good story, and in the hands of the right filmmakers it could be something truly epic. Of course, these weren’t the right filmmakers, but that’s not a surprise.

The movie was fine, mostly watchable, but very simple and cheesy. Honestly, it didn’t feel too different from the types of stuff we’d see in school or children’s church, and not like the experience that I want from going to the movies.

Also, I really didn’t care for the dude that played Samson. And then they put a fake beard on him late in the movie and it really just pulled me out. I did like our villain played by Jackson Rathbone, but he was almost trying too hard to make it all work. Honey, it wasn’t ever gonna work.

Again, it’s just so frustrating because there is so much potential in this story. Is it too much to ask for someone to give it a real shot with a legit budget and experienced actors? Samson is a legend and he deserves better

Samson – \m/ \m/

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