A Fantastic Woman

I don’t typically pay too much attention to the foreign category at the Oscars. I guess I average seeing about one a year at the theaters. Something about it has to be really special to not only get my attention, but get me to see it. After Chile got the nomination for this film, all I’ve been hearing is good things about this movie, including a story that truly grabbed me.

The film is about a transgender woman whose older boyfriend suddenly dies. While she’s trying to process her grief, she’s also dealing with rejection from his family who refuses to allow her that basic right.

For me, this movie is truly heartbreaking because I absolutely hate the thought that people could be so cruel. And that’s that I know they could have been way worse. Yet in the center of all that abuse and exclusion, she is strong and determined and powerful and beautiful.

This movie is such an important one though. It’s important to tell stories about characters that like this that aren’t transition stories. I feel like films like this teach empathy and acceptance, and it’s something we need more of.

A Fantastic Woman – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m

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