Early Man

Did everyone else know this movie was about soccer (sorry, football)? Cause I didn’t. It’s basically what would happen if the Flintstones discovered soccer and engaged in a match to save their way of life. I am dead serious.

Aardman frustrates me a bit because I love their style of animation and I love their very smart humor (smart visual humor, no less, tough combo). But I think they work best as shorts. When it comes to features, they have trouble stretching the story and finding the pacing. Such a bummer.

Early Man fell into that category for me. If you take any five minute scene of it, and it’s great. But string them all together and it seems to drag on despite being on the shorter side for a feature.

I loved Eddie Redmayne voicing our lead character (you wouldn’t know it was him if I hadn’t told you), but again, not enough to truly save the movie for me.

I still love everything this studio stands for, and how they’ve stayed true to their style and vision. I just wish they knew how to better wrangle it.

Early Man – \m/ \m/

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