Peter Rabbit

Movie season is picking back up. The good news is that we’re back to multiple new releases I’m interested in each weekend. The bad news is that quantity doesn’t imply quality. This is the sorta movie that I likely would have overlooked if it opened in the middle of a busy summer. I also would have skipped it if not for the cast. I absolutely adore James Corden (who is the main reason I almost saw The Emoji Movie). Also, kinda digging Domhnall Gleeson right now, so that was a plus. I still went in with rather low expectations.

I know I’m aware of the character of Peter Rabbit, but I don’t remember too many details. This movie was a modern retelling. Gleeson is uber villain Mr McGregor’s nephew, who takes over the country home and garden that Peter and his friends love to ransack. It’s pretty generic kids stuff. Cute animals. Silly slapstick. Simple story. My screening had a house full of kids and they ate it all up. So many tiny voices laughing throughout. Me, not as much, EXCEPT for the stuff involving Cottontail (voiced by Daisy Ridley). She had some clever and unexpected dialog that I absolutely loved.

Overall, it was light and delightful, worth taking the kids to, but adults don’t go out of your way.

Peter Rabbit – \m/ \m/ \m/

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