The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

I only went to this out of a misguided sense of obligation. An OCD based need for completeness. I liked the maze setup of the first one, but the second one just seemed like a bunch of running around to me. I’ve said many times, but when it comes to dystopian YA stories, I care more about the world they live in than the revolution, and this series is disproportionately favored towards the revolution.

Yeah so after spending a movie running around we’ve got more running around. Srsly, most of the film is just these long paint-by-numbers action sequences (if you can even call them action). And sometimes there’s zombies, sorta? There were a few moments of suspense, but mostly the movie was a snooze. Oh and they have no concept of how science works.

I guess it’s okay for fans of the series, or young ‘uns who don’t really know how good movies work. Otherwise, it’s not even worth spending more thought on.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure – \m/ \n

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