Paddington 2

I can suspend disbelief enough to accept a cute little bear in a hat and trench coat wandering around London. Where I draw the line is at the universal appeal of marmalade and how it’s capable of solving all of life’s problems. I’m sorry, but that stuff is disgusting (says the girl that generally doesn’t like orange flavored things).

The previous Paddington was such a delightful surprise. While Paddington is known here, I hadn’t realized what a beloved icon he was in the UK (I saw an interview with Freddie Highmore where he said he went after a live bear bc he was so enamored with Paddington), and therefore didn’t expect the love and care that went into bringing him onto the big screen. He certainly got a far better turn than most children’s classics do.

This one is a lot more of the same as far as the bear goes. He’s still cute and sweet and gets into the same kinda trouble that is charming, but I don’t particularly find all that funny. I did like the story and the characters, even if it dragged a little for me.

I will say the one aspect of this film that I absolutely loved was Hugh Grant as the villain. Is this possibly his best role of all time? I don’t know, it might be? I don’t care about his romantic comedy crap, I love this over the top stage obsessed baddie. He chewed that scenery like it was covered in marmalade.

Right so I was less impressed than others were, but sometimes it is nice to see a sweet and positive movie for a change.

Paddington 2 – \m/ \m/ \n

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