I have one safe haven while in Laredo: the Alamo Drafthouse. One of my strategies is to have my Mom drop me off for a double while she runs errands. This was such a day. The crispy buffalo cauliflower made it all the better.

Ferdinand is the classic story (animated, natch) of the big strong bull who prefers flowers over fighting. And of course, celebrity voices abound, lead by John Cena as our bull. There were so many others that surprised me in the IMDB credits after.

Anyways, I’ll cut right to it. This was cute, and it had a few clever moments, but it’s fairly thin, generic kids stuff. Not too much for us bigger kids. The only redeeming quality is Kate McKinnon as the calming goat Lupe. As far as I was concerned, this was The Lupe Movie, and everything else was just noise.

Ferdinand – \m/ \m/ \n

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