Roman J Israel, Esq

I don’t think I’ve once said the title of this movie right. I can’t wrap my head around it. Things I also can’t wrap my head around? This movie as a whole. I couldn’t get a good read on it from the trailer, but I figured Denzel’s the man so I’d give it a shot anyways. The film itself was just as unfocused..

Denzel is a lawyer in a small, two man law firm. When the other man falls ill, he soon finds himself out of a job. Things happen and then he’s working at a big time law firm, and he does some stuff of questionable ethics and I really don’t know what this is meant to be about.

Really, it was all over the place. I couldn’t keep the timelines straight. I couldn’t figure out his motivations. I couldn’t tell what the point of the whole thing was supposed to be. Denzel was acting as hard as he could, but it wasn’t enough to counter a weak screenplay and direction.

At least Collin Farrell is pretty.

Roman J Israel, Esq – \m/ \n

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