Heh, so there’ve been multiple times in the past two weeks that I’ve forgotten all about this movie. That isn’t to say it was bad or I didn’t enjoy it. Quite the opposite really. It’s just that in such a rich movie season, this one got kinda lost.

Wonder is about a little boy, played by Jacob Tremblay, who has had a serious of medical issues that have ultimately resulted in some rather obvious facial disfigurement. Because of that, he’s been home-schooled all his life. But now that he’s about to start fifth grade, it’s decided that it’s time for him to go to public school and try to navigate the harsh world of junior high.

It sounds overly sappy, and it kinda was. But it was also effective. For me, it definitely triggered a lot of uncomfortable bullying memories. There was a point where the kids finally stood up against the bullies, and the audience burst into applause, and I nearly burst into tears. It stirred up so much for me.

The film doesn’t just focus on our wonderful boy. Some segments are told from the perspective of other characters. I really liked the storyline about the older sister, who often found herself ignored by the rest of her family that catered to her little brother. We don’t get that angle very often. Some of the other side stories felt a little incomplete though. I think it might have worked better if she was the only B story.

My favorite character tho was Daveed Diggs’ teacher. Yeah a lot of that is because I’m a Hamil-fan with a crush, but I love the charisma he brought, and I loved what his character stood for. I just wish we had more of him.

This was nice and heartwarming. I feel like it was well done, it just didn’t stick with me too long after.

Wonder – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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