Molly’s Game

Right so remember the awesome friend who got me into an early SAG screening? We actually made it a double feature with a super early advance screening.

Aaron Sorkin makes his (long overdue) directorial debut with his adaptation of Molly Bloom’s autobiography. Bloom, played by Jessica Chastain, went from being a near Olympic skier to the woman behind the most exclusive poker games in LA and later NYC.

This is a case of people doing what they’re good at to the best degree possible. Sorkin’s screenplay is a sharp as ever, and I can’t believe it took him so long to step into the director’s chair as well. It just makes so much sense, and it added a sense of cohesion to the film, like we got a complete vision.

Also at the top of their game, Jessica Chastain. She has become the go to lady for powerful and strong women, and this role is no exception. And this time, it’s really all about her. I love how Chastain makes an effort to seek out these kinda roles, and I wish they weren’t such a rarity in the industry. But when they come along, she’s got them covered.

Overall, I found the movie so fascinating. It’s an interesting story and Sorkin moves it along nicely. Oh also, Idris Elba’s pretty great as Molly’s lawyer.

Molly’s Game – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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