Justice League

Sooooooo you prolly noticed the new look. A long way overdue migration from LJ onto my hosted space. Once I figured it out over Turkey weekend, I decided to prioritize that migration over new posts, so yet again, I’ve fallen behind. I still have a TON of old entries to migrate. For now, they’re still on LJ, but hopefully they’ll make their way here shortly. But first, Justice League.

We all know I’ve been very outspoken about my dislike of the DCEU (Wonder Woman notwithstanding), and especially when in the hands of Zack Snyder. So when I say that Justice League was fine, that’s actually a pretty big step.

Watching the film, I was kinda into it (again, more than I can say for Man of Steel or BvS). As long as I didn’t think, I was okay. When I started thinking about what I was watching, and especially when reflecting on it later, that’s when I started noticing flaws.

My biggest problem specific to this movie was the lack of character establishment. I feel like the only reason I was able to connect to WW was because of her film earlier this year. As far as the newbies, Flash had an electrified leg up because of the WB series, but with Cyborg and Aquaman, I felt like I was playing catchup. A-man was really badass, but I knew almost nothing about him. For Cyborg, I was filling in the blanks with his stuff on Smallville, which then made me miss Lee Thompson Young. Really, I think more than anything it was just frustrated at how impatient the studio was to rush this movie out rather than patiently building out a franchise over time. Doesn’t the audience deserve better?

Well, as far as better, Flash was rather awesome. I rave about Ezra Miller every time I see him, and we’ve never see him do comedic before. I think without him, this movie may have been unwatchable. However, as I hoped, he brought in some much needed levity. Also better: Superman. Thank the Lord. He finally seems to be back on track to the Clark I know and love, not this mopey emo kid. Even if his story did feel rather shoe-horned in, I was finally happy to see him in these films.

So a step in the right direction. Not quite far enough yet, but hopefull there are lessons learned that continue this upward trend.

Justice League – \m/ \m/ \m/

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