A Bad Moms Christmas

I guess it's Christmas time already? What happened to Turkey Day? Oh like any calendar is gonna stop me from seeing a Christmas movie any dang time I wanna!

The bad moms are back! And they're taking back Christmas! Well unless their own bad moms have anything to say about it. Repeating what I said on Stardust, for me, one mark of a good comedy is that I wanna hang out with the characters. Just think back to the comedies you love. Aren't those casts people that you wanna get a beer with? And the bad moms are totally #squadgoals. Honestly, all I was thinking as I watched their shenanigans is that I wanted to be right there with them.

This one deviates from the original in that it isn't just about the moms letting go of the “perfect mom” impossibility. Oh yes, there's a lot of that, holiday themed of course, but the main focus in on them dealing with their moms. And the bad grandmoms are oh so perfectly cast: Susan Sarandan, Cheryl Hines, and Christine Baranski. I feel like our core moms did lose a lil bit of their edge in shifting the focus, but the additional moms did change up the dynamic enough to set it apart from the first. But honestly, I could watch our center trio thru any holiday at any time of year.

A Bad Moms Christmas – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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