Thank You For Your Service

On the surface, I had some concerns about this movie. It gave off way too much of an American Sniper vibe. While I did really like Sniper, that similarity was a concern because since that had unexpectedly been a big hit, it felt like this was trying to do a cash grab by going after the same audience. The title of this one seemed to be rather pandering as well. I later found out the reason for the similarities is that TYFYS was written and directed by the writer of American Sniper. There were quite a few parallels between the two, but this movie packed it's own emotional punch.

Miles Teller stars as real life Adam Schumann, a soldier returning to the US after serving in Iraq. The focus was on the psychological impact of his service, and the way that it affected him, his veteran friends, and his family. It is subject matter that American Sniper touched on, but this movie went deeper into that side of things. I found it incredibly moving.

PTSD is a real issue that affects a large percentage of our veterans, and it's something we need to be addressing. I hope this movie gets a conversation going. And Miles Teller gave one of the most sincere and powerful performances of his career. He's a big part of what made this movie work. While I'm still a little leery of Hollywood's intentions behind the film, the end result was something worthwhile.

Thank You For Your Service – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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