I love the Saw Franchise. As I stated last year, I didn't see any of the sequels until last October since the first one had given me nightmares, but it was absolutely worth it to watch them all in close succession. Two main reasons I love these movies: the mystery/suspense and the psychological ick factor. I HAVE to know what the games are gonna look like and I HAVE to know what the players' sins are. That alone is enough to sustain me through one of these movies, I don't care how cheesy or silly they may be. I NEED this information. We know I'm mostly immune to gore (although each movie will have at least one moment that does skeeve me out on that level), but the psychological stuff is unbeatable here. Not a lot of movies can give me that visceral jittery feeling, and it's got me hooked like an addict.

I say all of that because I know this movie isn't get the best rap, and I know it doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me. I think I can skip over describing the plot, because at the base level it's the same that it always is. Same or not though, I very much enjoyed myself. It was particularly fun seeing the movie on the big screen, since I hadn't experienced one of these like that before.

Bottom line, if you're a Saw fan, you should be seeing this. If you're not, this movie ain't gonna convert you.

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