Tragedy Girls

I saw a trailer for Tragedy Girls the other day at one of the smallest of the indie theaters I frequent. “That looks cool” I thought “And right up my alley, but it's prolly gonna be a really small release during what's looking like a really busy movie month.” So I didn't take any further planning action. Until a friend texted earlier in the week. “Anyone wanna see this?” I quickly replied with a “ooooh yeah!” As a bonus, it ended up being a Q&A screening.

With a similar 90's throwback slasher vibe like we saw with Happy Death Day, two gore enthusist high school girls try to make a name for themselves by blogging about the grisly deaths occuring in their small town. They eventually start taking matters into their own hands, secretly causing said deaths to further their brand. There's lots of blood. And social media.

I liked this, but I didn't love it. Somewhere along the way it lost a little steam and didn't know where to go. But what I liked, I really liked. Not just the fun horror comedy tone, or the pitch perfect cast, but there were some pretty great girl power themes in there. Seriously.

That was actually a lot of the focus of the Q&A, asking the writers about their choices in empowering the girls rather than victimizing them. Even sociopaths deserve respect!

Tragedy Girls – \m/ \m/ \m/

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