The Snowman

I almost refused to watch this movie on principle. Not because I'd heard it was terrible, which I was hearing a lot of (especially on Stardust). I can handle terrible. The reason was the feeble explanation as to why it was terrible. The morning I had planned to see this movie, I saw an article from the director of the film basically saying that the movie was unfinished. There were scenes that never got filmed, and in the editing room they discovered so many missing pieces. Yet they put out this movie anyways, expecting an audience to pay to see it. Don't we as an audience deserve more respect than that?!

The Snowman is a murder mystery starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson, quality actors who could not save this movie. It was pretty standard cat and mouse, catch a killer stuff. That was fine. I actually was able to keep my attention throughout the film. It didn't actually feel so bad.

Until it was over. And I noticed how many loose ends weren't close to tied up, or how we jumped to the killer reveal without really knowing much about him, or how so much of the movie just didn't fit together. There's entire sections that I have no idea how they're meant to relate to everything else. It just seemed like such a half assed attempt at putting together a movie.

The only person on Stardust who almost gave this a favorable review admitted to having read the book and therefore had much of the missing context. I think my attitude while watching was far more forgiving than the one held by most of the rest of my fellow dusters. However, don't misunderstand me, I will not be forgiving towards this movie. I'll repeat my earlier assertion, as an audience, we deserve more respect from Hollywood. Do not give them your money for this movie and do not let them get away with lazy filmmaking. We deserve better. We deserve completed and well thought out films. How could that really be too much to ask?

The Snowman – \m/

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