The Foreigner

Jackie Chan is back in the game and changing up the rules. Yowza that's a cheesy line. My bad. But it's true. With the Foreigner, he proves he's still got it, but instead of sticking to the visual comedy he's known for, he goes darker in this revenge/political thriller. If only it was more thrilling.

The movie doesn't waste any time in getting started. We see Chan pick up his daughter from school and a few minutes later she's killed in a terrorist blast. He spends the rest of the movie trying to track down her killer. Pierce Brosnan is involved somehow.

The obvious comparison is Taken, but it's not quite the same (or as good). The action is much lighter here, although when there are fight scenes, Chan kicks as much ass as ever. I do actually really like this change of pace for him. The role fit him very well and I think he could do a lot in this space. If only the rest of the movie were as good as his bouts of action.

I knew to expect more drama than anything else, but I really wasn't into it. I cared about Chan's storylines, but not so much about the political side with chasing down the IRA and Pierce Brosnan doing stuff. Mostly just feels like a wasted opportunity, but as an initial step in this darker direction for Chan, I think it's a decent starting point. I hope he keeps going this way.

The Foreigner – \m/ \m/ \n

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