Annabelle: Creation

A movie doing well in August doesn’t necessarily mean that movie is really doing well.  However, when all the most active users on <a href=””>Stardust</a> go to the movies every week, they’re all gonna see and talk about that movie.  I resisted seeing Annabelle: Creation for the same reason that I haven’t seen any of the other Conjur-verse movies.  I’m picky about horror, and big mainstream releases tend to skim on the substance and focus only on the scares.  But apparently this was among the better of those?

Mmm, not so much.  At least not for me.  I’d put it on the higher end of the thin horror movies, but it was still too thin a horror movie for me.  The point of the whole thing was the scares, and you have to be insanely adept at that in order to do it for me.  It wasn’t.  So then you’d need a story that’s compelling on its own that just happen to bring the frights.  Nope, kinda slim story.  I guess then a layered allegorical story is out of the question, huh?  Yeah, not getting that here.
But for you, if you just like the scares, there were some pretty creepy things here.  Enough shady imagery that I was wary of falling asleep during the film, and was just a bit creeped out.  That faded for me by the time I walked out of the auditorium and into the nearby Dave and Buster’s, but hey, I’m tough to please in this genre.  I know what I like in horror, and that wasn’t it.

Annabelle: Creation – \m/ \n

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