Good Time

Something drew me to this movie.  I think it was hearing that it was non-stop adrenaline.  I do love a good thriller, and an indie thriller is an intriguing concept.  Also, I’m a fan of RPats’ post Twilight work.  I respect the fact that now that he has the vampire money, he’s gone after these rather experimental indies, and he’s excelled and proven that he has a larger range than “smolder” and “sparkle”.

Robert Pattinson is a nonstop hustler in NYC.  When he decides that he doesn’t like the facility his mentally handicapped brother is being treated in, he enlists said brother to help him rob a bank so they can get out of the city.  It all goes wrong, and the brother ends up in jail.  The rest of the film follows one crazy night as RPats attempts to break him out, but keeps on digging himself into deeper and deeper trouble.

That non stop adrenaline thing?  Ohmygawd yes.  There are some movies people with anxiety should not see (even though that still doesn’t stop me).  What particularly impressed me was how the score really played into that.  It maintained a constant buzz during what may have been slower sequences, keeping my heartrate at a constant high.  Events got more and more ridiculous and I got more and more uncomfortable (in a good way).

Again, Pattinson exceled in this role.  Accent and attitude that were completely unexpected for him.  I was mesmorized by him, and if I wasn’t already a fan, I would have been after this movie.

This little gem is likely to get lost in the sleepy end of summer season, but if you can find it, it’s certainly worth the jolt of energy it’ll give ya.  Just don’t be expected to go to sleep too soon after.  You’ll be way too wired.

Good Time – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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