We know I’ve been all about the girl power lately (lately?  bitch please).  That’s all it took to get me interested in Kidnap.  I hadn’t seen any trailers, and only a handful of billboards.  RottenTomatoes was mixed.  Stardust too.  But then somewhere I heard that the idea was to take an ordinary mom and make her do extradorinary action movie things in the name of her child.  Now that’s something I could get on board with.

Pretty simple.  Halle Berry is a mom whose worst nightmare comes true.  While at a park with her son, she sees him being carried away by a nefarious stranger.  She hops in her minivan and chases them down.  Nothing gets in the way of a mama bear separated from her cub.

It did take a little while to hit its stride.  The initial sequences were rather predictable and repetitive, but it was pure adrenaline throughout.  Not the movie to see if you have anxiety.  Side note, my Mom ended up seeing this movie and she could hardly deal with it.  It doesn’t help that she’d seen a real life kidnapping video on FB earlier that day.

Anyways, eventually it found a groove and it worked.  Halle Berry accomplished what she set out to do, which was to turn an every day mom into a Hollywood bad ass (somehow also making mini vans bad ass in the process).  Sure it was lacking in substance, but there are plenty of other options out there for that.

Kidnap – \m/ \m/ \m/

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