Sorry for the lag in posts.  I had an uncharacteristic lull in movie watching (slow release weekend) followed by a vacation where I watched a lotta stuff, but   didn’t have blog posting capabilities.  I was, however, very active on Stardust, so that’s where to follow me for the latest.  Y’know, for all two of you who maybe care.

Yeah so vacay.  Did a few days in Boston followed by a couple in Chicago.  Boston was mostly about indulging in my old routines: namely movies and yoga.  After chatting with some Stardusters at a recent meetup, and hearing their emotional responses to the movie, it became my first priority.

Yowza that was an intense experience.  I was basically in shock walking out of there.  The film is about the Detroit riots in 1967, but zeroed in on the deadly events that occurred in the Algiers motel.  The events themselves as they unfolded were enough to rattle me, but it was the aftermath that really undid me.  I felt a whole spectrum of negative feels: anger, outrage, terror, disgust, shock.  I was shaking as I walked out.  A guy who walked out right behind me saw how shaken I was and commented that he too was affected, and that he had actually grown up in Detroit and never knew this story.  That’s the power of movies, y’all.

The cast for this was incredible.  Runner up MVP goes to John Boyega, who has proven with each movie he does that he’s capable of such dramatic depth.  All the positive feels I felt were towards his character, as was much of the concern I felt too.  But full on MVP goes to Will Polter.  Cheese on a cracker, how is this is the same dweeby kid from We’re The Millers?  He terrified me.  I really didn’t wanna believe that he was playing a real guy because I don’t wanna believe there’s people like that in this world.

This movie is definitely gunning for a spot on my top ten of the year.  It’s certainly elicited the most visceral response from me from any movie this year, that’s for dang sure.

Detroit – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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