The Mummy

“Is anybody else hearing all this Dark Universe stuff and thinking it’s a little “”Stop trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen?”” Well before we get into whether or not fetch can/will happen, let’s see how the first movie fares.

Okay, so my first thought when hearing tell of a new Mummy movie was “”really? why?””. I think I was a bit more convinced when hearing it would be a whole new thing instead of continuing Brendan Frasier’s franchise. You can tell all sorts of Mummy horror stories that don’t need to draw from the same thing. I also got really excited to see Sofia Boutella cast as our titular baddie. That’s a new twist we haven’t seen, and she is such a powerful and capable actress, I was mesmorized even by the trailer.

Did it work? Eh. I was with the movie for the first two acts or so. It wasn’t anything too new and inventive, but it was fun and enjoyable, if innocuous. THe mythology was interesting, and Tom Cruise was charming. When we got to the last act, I was just bored. It was pure action with no story, and specifically it was CGI action, which just doesn’t do it for me. I went from having a nice time watching to waiting for it to be over.

Where does this leave the potential franchise? Eh. I like the idea of revisiting these classic movie monsters, and the cast they’re assembling is incredible. However, it may have been premature to launch this big interconnected movie thing. It’s been really bugging me how desperate studios are to make hit franchies, rather than crafting quality individual movies. Maybe further installments here will prove to be great movies, or maybe the DU is DOA.

The Mummy – \m/ \m/ \n

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