“First off, I keep forgetting to talk about this here on the blog, but the company I work for recently released a new social media app called Stardust, and it’s all about movies. You go on there and record videos of yourself talking about movies, and you can watch everyone else’s videos. I’ve been pretty good about posting right after I see something new, so you’ll get my reviews even quicker than here on the blog. User name, Expletivedleted, of course!

Moving on.

This was a rather genius marketing ploy, releasing a raunchy mother/daughter comedy in time for Mothers’ Day. It had the promise of a fun and crazy girls’ night, while still having some touching family moments. Even if it’s not the kind of movie I could ever get my Mom to go to, I appreciate the sentiment. If my hypothetical one day future children are reading this years from now, I am down with this kind of Mamas Day plan. This or Psycho #aboysbestfriendishismother

But let’s talk about how the movie actually went down. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are a daughter/mother duo who go on vacation together in Ecuador, where they get kidnapped and held for ransom. Hilarity ensues? Kinda.

It’s well established that I absolutely adore Amy Schumer, and will gladly see any film she works on. Casting her opposite Hollywood royalty like Goldie was pure genius. The chemistry the two have together, both on film and in all the promo work, was fantastic. If only they had better material to work with. It was just uneven to the point of being kinda blah. Some parts were really funny. Some of it was really dull. It all ended up being just ok. I feel like the humor could have gone farther into the crude territory Amy usually plays in. Bringing Goldie even deeper into that world would have been unreal.

The one consistent element was Ike Barinholtz as the brother left behind to try and organize a rescue. Stole and commanded every scene he was in. That’s how it often goes in a comedy. It’s hard to maintain a constant level of laughs throughout, so the bit part that isn’t overdone tends to be the show stopper.

I think my score is a little generous, given my sort of meh feeling towards it, but there were just enough small funny moments that I can’t really bring myself to knock it down.

Snatched – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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