King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

“Expectations. That is the name of the game with this movie. There were so many reviews out there that completely trashed this movie, and there was usually a variation on a common theme: too much action or very untraditional story. My response? Um duh. See, as a big fan of Guy Ritchie, my expecations were rather different. I was very interested in seeing him put his twist on this story, giving us a much different take on Arthur than we’re used to seeing. I got what I wanted, and as a result, I loved this movie.

I’ll admit, a big part of my enjoyment of htis film had to do with recognizing Ritchie’s signature style all over the movie. The way he did exposition scenes, the slow-mo sequences in the fights, the back-alley upbringing of our hero, the dialog right on the edge of humor, the general dirt and grid. All of it is why I’m a fan of his and why I totally dug this movie. And in my defense, lest you claim bias, I saw this with someone who’d never seen any of Ritchie’s films, and they enjoyed it as well. Again, expectations. Don’t go into this expecting the same old (and way overdone) sword in the stone story we all know too damn well.

The movie also sold me on Charlie Hunnam, who I previously hadn’t much interest in. I thought he suited the part rather well, and would be interested in seeing him carry on this proposed franchise. However, if the weekend box office results are any indication, it’ll take more magic than Merlin can provide to see that come to pass.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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