Buster’s Mal Heart

“Psychological thriller starring Rami Malek. That’s pretty much all I needed to know. After already putting it in my calendar (excited about the excuse to go up to Santa Monica for the afternoon), I watched the trailer, and it made no sense. That didn’t sway me. It should have.

In a story that follows multiple timelines, Malek plays a loner living in the woods, preparing for an apocalyptic event. But back in the day, he was a lowly hotel concierge, working to support his family, who encounters a mysterious guest with a message.

The whole thing had a Richard Kelly vibe. You know, the dude that did Donnie Darko and Southland Tales and The Box. Honestly, the story felt like something he could have written. And it was just as confusing. But what it was lacking was the sense of urgency and suspense. Psychological, yes. Thriller, not so much. I tried to stay with it, but I was utterly bored. By the time things started to get interesting, I’d already mentally checked out and was ready to go.

Malek’s great in this, but for now, I’ll settle for watching him on Mr Robot. I really wanted to get behind him here, but just couldn’t do it. They can’t all be winners

Buster’s Mal Heart – \m/ \m/”

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