Going in Style

“Morgan Freeman. Alan Arkin. Michael Caine. That should be ’nuff ced right there. Three of the greatest actors alive today working together in one movie. I’ll admit, I wasn’t initially sold on seeing this, and I’m sure if it was any other trio I wouldn’t have bothered. Then I came to my senses and realized that these legends are always worth seeing. And getting the chance to see them in roles where they’re visibly having a lot of fun would be such a treat. Watching them do the late night promotional circuit further drove that point home.

In what’s apparently a remake of a movie from the 70’s (news to me when reading IMDB trivia), our three heroes are agining retirees on a fixed income. That fixed income is suddenly cut even smaller when their pension funds are dissolved. So what are three grandpa types to do? Rob a bank of course!

Heist movies are always fun, and changing things up with the age factor and everything that goes along with it was a worthy twist. Smiles and chuckles and generally warm feels abounded throughout. Sure it was predictable and the jokes were all variations of the same thing, but that didn’t matter. We’re to respect our elders after all, and there are few who deserve as much respect as these three Hollywood treasures

Going in Style – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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