“Chris Evans has had an interesting career during his downtime from playing Cap. You gotta respect the way he goes after smaller indie(ish) roles that help showcase different sides of him as an actor. Lord knows with Marvel money he doesn’t really need to chase a paycheck on a project he doesn’t love. In Gifted, he plays an uncle raising his genius niece after his sister’s suicide. The niece starts to get attention for her mathematical talents, which draws prying eyes to their living situation, inciting a custody battle with his mother over what environment would best suit the girl. Should she be in a harsh academic environment where she’d want for nothing, or live a simpler life where she can be a kid but may never reach her full potential. It’s quite a conundrum.

The movie was very sweet, if a little too sappy and a mite predictable, and I’m guessing ultimately forgettable. Still, very watchable. My crush on Evans has reached new bounds, seeing him as the sensitive father figure type. *Swoon* I think that’s how you know I’m growing up, that I find him just as hot here as when he’s playing Cap. Maybe even moreso? Moving on. We’ve also got Octavia Spencer doing her usual thing we love her for, so that’s another plus. However, we also lose points for gratutious references to MIT when they don’t even show any shots there. Granted, the school is notorious for not allowing filming on campus (Patriot’s Day being the sole exception that comes to mind), but it’s not that hard to at least get stock footage of the dome. Am I nitpicking too much now? My bad.

Gifted – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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